Construction notification | Welcome to my new website

Hi Everyone!

Wanted to let you all know I've been doing quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work around here.  I'm super excited to share my new website with you guys but I also need to ask for your patience with any glitches you may come across.  Hopefully there will not be any, but please keep in mind this is still a work in progress.  My old blog has been imported into this one and has retained the old formatting.  Hopefully we can get that updated soon as well! 

I'm so excited about this website as it is more reflective of my overall style - simple, soft colors and neutral -  and just much more simple to navigate through. 

I'm also working on some great new projects that I cannot wait to share with everyone.  BIG news.  Like really big! 

Happy Sunday everyone - I'm off to enjoy the Superbowl with some friends!

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