Brunswick Georgia Children's Portrait Photographer | Meet the B kids

The mother of these boys contacted me about doing this suprise session for Father's Day.  She had specific ideas about what she wanted, and the props she wanted to's old football helmet and jersey.  I was super excited...I love when a client has amazing props that also have a lot of personal meaning.  That's totally my thing!  So we met in this wonderful new field I've been using (with the owner's permission, of course) and started the session...oops....I mean started playing!  The boys were great.  One was all boy and running and jumping around everywhere, and the other was a little more quiet, just taking it all in.  But they totally complement each other!  We did some posed shots, but my favorites are the ones that weren't so posed.  This was more like a lifestyle session.  I LOVE to capture children as they are in their element, doing their own thing.  Not saying I didn't have to bribe them a time or two to get some specific shots lol.  In fact, one of the bribes was the most fun bribe I've ever done!  I promised to help the big brother find a grasshopper if he would let me get a shot of him wearing his dad's jersey and sitting on the helmet.  And I totally delivered!!!  We found an awesome big green grasshopper....caught it.....let the big brother hold it while the little brother looked at it also....then let him go.  Was it worth it?  Totally!  Thank you again Ashlei for contacting me and letting me play with your boys for a morning.  I had a wonderful time and willl have to take my children back to that field to go grasshopper hunting also!

And I must also admit that I'm a bad photographer;  I was having so much fun helping the older brother with the grasshopper that I didn't even think to take a shot of the grasshopper or him with the grasshopper.  We were having way too much fun inspecting our newly caught grasshopper!!!