Brunswick Georgia Newborn Baby Girl | Meet Miss C

This little...err...I mean big newborn baby girl was the biggest newborn baby I've photographed yet.  Weighing in at 9lbs even at birth, she was quite the chunky monkey!  Adorable sweet fluffy cheeks and rolls everywhere.  She was also a very content baby and very easy to work with.  I must admit that I was quite nervous about this session, as it was my first time ever shooting a session with the newborn's siblings in it also.  But it really could not have gone better!  This mom has some amazing children.  They were wonderful to work with on Jekyll Island Beach during their family maternity session and pretty cool this time around also!  They were very protective of  "their baby" and helped to watch over her.  This newborn's grandmother had a special outfit made for her and it was just did fit.  Like I said, she was my biggest newborn to date.  And now, I must admit....I'm HOOKED on big babies!  I could just love on those big squishy cheeks and rolls all day long.  I honestly hated to see her go!  It was so hard to narrow down some preview images for you all; she was such a super sleeper that essentially all of the images came out wonderfully.  Here's some of our faves:



And my absolutely favorite head on hands pose ever, I think, is below.  I just LOVED how she did this HER way and added style to it....she wanted nothing to do with the traditional head on hands pose, lol!