Brunswick Georgia One-Year-Old Cake Smash Session / Miss M

A benefit of being a baby and children's photographer is celebrating my client's one year birthday.  Adorable Miss M. has the pleasure of being my first studio cake smash session participant....or should I say I had the pleasure of Miss M. being my first cake smash session participant??  I think it went a little of both ways :)  What a wonderful way to celebrate this baby's first year!  Her amazing cake was made by her mother and it was beautiful.  Miss M agreed.  She needed a little coaxing at first, but then she tore right into it.  She was an absolute delight to photograph as she worked her way through the cake.  Once she decided she was done though, that was IT!  She took that bow from her hair, turned around and crawled right off! Here are just a few of the images from her session, followed by her custom cake smash collage.

And here she had just about had enough....

Yep....cake smash session is....DONE!

Here is the custom cake smash collage that I designed for MacKenzie.  Each cake smash session comes with your own custom designed collage, made to fit your baby's room decor, match their outfit, or just in your favorite colors.  The possibilities are endless!