Cake Smash Birthday Session Brunswick Georgia | Meet Miss K

Miss K is a returning client.  I first met her as a 2 month old "newborn" (she was soo tiny!), and went on to photograph her and her adorable big brother a few months ago for a siblings session.  This family is absolutely adorable and Miss K is always full of smiles.  However, there was something about the combination of her cake, my studio and playing in the cake that she just wasn't into!  While we did get some of her smiling, we definately got some of her crying as well.  But even when she's crying, check out how adorable she is!  Is it wrong that everyone was chuckling just a little when she started crying?  I think the unanimous thing we all said at that time was "awwwwww, bless her heart".  Gotta love Southern exclamations!  Here are just some of the images we captured of her cake smash session.  Even got mom in a couple of them!


And here's Miss K's custom designed cake smash collage (LOVING the pink and green color combo here!):