Jekyll Island Beach Family Maternity Session

This was the "A" family's first ever custom photography session.  It was an honor to be chosen to be their photographer for this experience!   When we met for her pre-session consultation, Courtney was very specific with what she had in mind.  Beach, family, children, fingerpaint.  Yes fingerpaint!  I was super excited to do this session, and it went wonderfully.  The kids were very excited and super to work with.  We were worried about the weather, but it held out just long enough for some beautiful lighting for the beach session.  We did all the shots Courtney wanted and then some; then we pulled out the paints and let the kids go to town painting her beautiful belly.  Here's some of my favorites:

I can't wait to meet little Miss C when she comes to see me for her newborn session.  I have so many cute new things I've been dying to use for a newborn baby girl!