Newborn Session Information

  1.  If the session is being done at your home, please turn your thermostat to 78 degrees at least 1-2 hours prior to your scheduled session time.  If you are coming to my home, please come wearing lightweight clothing, as my home will be quite warm also.  The temperature is just right for your newborn if mom, dad, and the photographer are almost uncomfortably warm.  I utilize a space heater at sessions as needed, however, a warm house is best for keeping your baby comfy and sleepy.  Because of the heat and all the moving around with your newborn, I come very casually dressed to sessions, generally wearing a tank top and yoga pants or something similiar.

2.  Whether we do the session at your home or mine, I basically want to arrive at the start of the session to a hungry, somewhat fussy baby.  Now, I am not suggesting that you starve your newborn (but I know that you didn't think that)!  Rather, we try to plan the start of the session as close to the feeding time as possible.  That way baby gets fed and hopefully goes into a "milk coma".

3.  Be sure to have plenty of extra diaper wipes and diapers on hand.  It is expected that your newborn will most certainly pee, poop, or spit up on one or all of my fabrics/blankets.  And that is ok.  I always bring a change of clothes as well, as I have been peed on more than once when holding the baby.  All my fabrics are washed after each session, clean or dirty, and I use Dreft detergent because it is hypoallergenic.

4.  Please be prepared to bring extra formula if not breastfeeding.  Although we attempt to stay on your baby's feeding schedule, during these sessions, baby sometimes may need a small feeding just to "top off" and stay happy and will get slightly off his/her normal feeding schedule.  If you prefer to stick strictly to your baby's feeding schedule, that is okay too, we will do our best to work around it.  Also be sure to have extra pacifiers on hand (if you use them).

5.  For the shots with the black background, mom and dad will need short and/or long sleeve black shirts.  Plain tshirts are best, but button up shirts can be okay also.  Because of the temperature of the home, I recommend bringing the shirts with you to change into rather than wearing them to the session.  If you choose a light colored background, then white or light colored solid shirts look best.  On women, a simple white camisole or black camisole looks beautiful as well.

6.  Newborn sessions last an average of 2-3 hours.  For sessions with siblings, it is best if there is someone available to take the children away from the session after we are done with their part of the session.

7.  If you have any special or meaningful blankets or hats, etc, that you want photographed with your baby, please don't hesitate to bring them with you and I will do my best to utilize them.

8.  Please know that your newborn's safety is of my utmost concern.  If there is an image requested that I feel could potentially cause injury to your newborn, I will not do it.  I use hand sanitizer at all sessions before handling your baby.  I will often utilize mom or dad as spotters if I need to step away from the newborn for any amount of time, or even if I am right by your newborn, depending on the shot we are doing.

9.  Plenty of time is allotted to your session so that your newborn can be fed, changed, and comforted.  Some of the shots that I do may take 10-15 minutes to get the newborn into the position that is needed for the image.  Sometimes your newborn just may not go to sleep easily at all.  Don't worry.  In this case, we can utilize wraps and other poses and get some amazing awake shots with eyes wide open.  At some point, all newborns will eventually fall asleep during the session, and we will get the sleeping shots then.  I generally try to start with the sleepy newborn poses first, going through several blankets/fabrics.  Then time for feeding/changing/etc, followed by shots with mom and dad.

10.  Being pregnant and giving birth (especially with the first child) can make even the most beautiful women feel uncomfortable with their post partum bodies.  Please do not let this keep you from getting some images with your newborn!  Wearing the black clothing on a black background is slimming, and shots can be taken from an angle that will diminish bulges.  Twenty years from now, you will be glad you are in the images; you will not care if you had those extra few pounds after delivering.