Luxe PAINTERLY Portraits by Candace Hires

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 Luxe painterly portraits are a new obsession of mine. Every portrait I take that is styled and edited like this makes my heart want to jump from my chest! With camera phones and technology that is so easy to use these days, we are taking literally thousands of pictures of our children enjoying their everyday moments, or having “lifestyle” portrait sessions with photographers. While y’all know that lifestyle and simple portraiture has always been a love of mine…I’ve just felt that something is missing from it. While yes, a picture of a child laughing with their siblings and/or parents is absolutely heartwarming and shows their loving and fun personality, it just doesn’t show “them”. Know what I mean? But how many of those are you honestly going to print out and keep around for years to come? To me, portraits like those capture a moment. I LOVE photographing moments like that, but I’ve always felt something is missing. Just over a year ago I came across a child’s portrait on Instagram that literally just stopped me in my tracks from scrolling. Her eyes were mesmerizing and spoke to me. I tracked down the photographer and have been an ardent follower of her work since then. This past May I had the opportunity to go to London and to train with Paulina Duczman 1-to-1 for two full days and learn the magic of what she’s capturing. As Paulina says - these portraits capture more than just a moment…they capture an eternity. These are Renaissance in style with rich tones and neutral expressions, yet at the same time they invoke a modern touch. They showcase the beauty of your child and will give you an absolutely timeless heirloom that your child can one day display in their home and hand down to their children as well.

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These sessions take place in the studio and are completely custom. During your consultation we will discuss everything from hair and clothing to how you want to display this treasure that we are creating. I have several pieces in various sizes for the children to use for their session and I am always looking for new pieces to add to the wardrobe. Although I will be doing a limited number of these sessions for younger children as well, my main focus for these is going to be boys and girls in the 9-13 age range because they are the least photographed age group. Kids these days go into 6th grade as a child and walk out of 8th grade as nearly a young adult - the transformation that happens with this age group is quite remarkable and rarely documented. This is often when kids have braces, acne is starting and they feel just awkward in general with themselves. This style of portraits are perfect for this time period in their lives!

Depending on your goals, sessions last about an hour, longer if siblings are included. Together we go through the captured images to pick which one(s) you want to have displayed in your home. Your chosen image is then digitally hand-painted by Candace. Our goal as your photographer is to take that one perfect portrait for you to display on your wall. Your portrait is then printed on a Giclee canvas and hand-painted brush strokes are applied, giving your portrait the rich texture of a traditional oil painting. Once your portrait has arrived back to our studio, we set a convenient time to come to your home and install the wall portrait or wall gallery for you, providing you with a full-service experience from start to finish.

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Does this sound like something you’d love to commission for your child(ren)? Contact us today and let’s set up a time for you to come by the studio for a no-obligation consultation and to see some of these portraits in person and chat about what we can do for you!