Brunswick Georgia Family Photographer | Meet the V Family

This familyhas booked two sessions with me and came all the way to Brunswick from Waycross Georgia for their family (mommy & me) session.  After the initial consultation, I was SO excited!  Oh, the ideas we came up with!  We decided early on we would attempt to get a hot air balloon type shot, along with some backlighting shots.  Mom was also interested in some lifestyle type images as well, instead of formally posed shots.  This was right up my alley, and totally my fave way to do a session. We met in my favorite field shortly on a wonderfully sunny afternoon.  Perfect for backlighting!  Little Ronnie was full of smiles right out of the car.  He was so much fun to work with and he adored my hot-air balloon!  He rocked back and forth, back and forth, and was laughing the whole time.  I was able to use my wide-angle lens for some super fun shots of him in the basket.  Then there were some amazing shots of him with his mom and grandmother.  Oh what fun, they played, blew bubbles and sang to him.  And he just ate it up and smiled like nobody's business!  As the sun was setting, I got some amazing shots of him on a blanket with his books.  I tell you, I had NO EDITING to do on these last shots.  They came out of the camera singing, lol.  Here are just some of the shots we got during the first session.  He is also scheduled for this summer for his one year old cake smash session.  I absolutely cannot wait!  He will be super fun to work with again, I'm sure!

This shot is honestly straight out of the camera.  Can you believe it!!  The only thing I did here for editing was to size and sharpen it for the web.  This is a combination of using an "L" lens (my new 70-200....I seriously am in love with this lens!!), shooting at the proper time of day, and getting low to take the shot.  Super yummy lighting, and quite possibly my favorite image ever.

This was the result of a collaboration with my husband and some input from a fellow photographer friend and a local business owner.  I couldn't be more happy with how it came out!

Oh yeah!  Who's having fun??? He is!!!